Why is strong onboarding process important?

Since the pandemic, employees’ mindsets have changed. They now look out for the organizations where they are respected and valued. Salary is still the main factor but not the sole reason to stay. 

And from the Organizational perspective, employee onboarding is the most crucial aspect. Hiring and retaining employees takes a lot of work. You need to do it in a way where employees understand their job roles and are aligned with the mission and goals. You need to ensure that employees feel valued and that their existence matters.

Hence, to retain top talents, you need to have a strong onboarding process. As if it is not taken care of it initially, it will cost the company later. 

What is the Onboarding process?

When new hires are integrated into the organization, they learn about their company. It includes culture, mission, vision, and goals. They also get to know what you expect from them in terms of skills, communication style, and attitude. This whole onboarding process might last up to 12 months. 

The onboarding experience is the driver of employee retention. The smoother the onboarding process, the more an employee will be engaged in the longer run. While it should be organized and structured, the process should be personalized too. Encourage open dialogues between new hires, current employees, and managers. 

Below are the six benefits of a strong onboarding program for employee retention:

Benefits of a strong onboarding process

  • Increase in productivity: The onboarding process goes from getting to know the organization to building relationships. To know more about the job role to ensure they align with the company’s goals and mission. Hence, it takes time for employees to settle into their new job. 

When onboarding is done in the right way, it set the new hires for success from day 1. This includes aligning their individual goals with the company’s objectives, frequent check-ins, introducing team members, and briefing about projects and clients. But, one step at a time. 

It will help them feel confident and prepared for their role. And it will further lead to increased productivity and performance. 

  • Trust and alignment: Proper onboarding process speed up the process of building trust. New hires can engage with senior management openly. This educates and informs them about what’s currently going on in the company. And in case of any questions or clarifications, they can freely communicate with them. 

The onboarding process also assures no fear of judgment in new hires while they interact. Hence, building trust and credibility among them. 

Honest and open communication also brings the new joiners and managers in alignment. It ensures that they are not sidelined. They are well aware of their role and how they will be contributing to the organization.

  • Easy to attract top talents: Employee experience is the foremost factor for retaining top talent. Gone are the days when employees focus on only tangible reasons to stay in an organization. Nowadays, intangible reasons are also an important factor. It includes experience, onboarding process, and well-being.

Onboarding is the first step for new hires. It needs to be well-taken care of. It creates a foundation for engaging work culture so that top talents stay for the long run. Other people may also join the organization if the same work culture persists.

  • Strong support network: Strong onboarding process ensures introduction with colleagues on Day 1. This will make them feel welcome and valued. They will feel comfortable since starting to ask for help and when they need information. 

Colleagues are said to be the best support network. They can guide and motivate recent joiners, especially when they are stuck. Besides this, this allows them to learn and share their skills. 

Hence, creating a positive work experience and making way for growth and development.

  • Increase job satisfaction: Proper onboarding program increases employees’ productivity and motivation. As it gives clarity about their job role, let them interact, and focus on their growth. This creates a positive impression in the mind of new hires.

They feel satisfied with their work. And in return, they contribute well to the success of the organization.

  • Ensures smoother transitions: When the above pointers are taken care of, it results in a smooth transition. It prepares them for the journey ahead. 

The hassle-free onboarding program increases the chances of retaining new talent. New hires need a bit more time to acclimate and get oriented. Strong onboarding programs ensure that they understand the values and strategies hassle-free. It helps them understand the organization in-depth and develop high-quality work.  

In a nutshell

Your employees’ first 90 days on the job are the most important. Hence, it is advisable to optimize your onboarding program. The process might be challenging and tedious initially, but it is worth it.

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