Things to consider before hiring Boomerang Employee

Going back again to the past is certainly not cool. But, sometimes it is! 

We could have disagreed with the statement if it was a few years back. But, looking at boomerang employees, we can agree with it totally! 

Boomerang Employee: When employees leave the organization on a good note but for various reasons decide to rejoin again. 

Although this concept is nothing new, it recently went on the rise. As per the LinkedIn workforce report, the boomerang jobs shot up during the pandemic, to 4.3% as of 2021 from 3.9% in 2019. 

This situation is a win-win for both the employer and employees. But it could be challenging if you aren’t aware of how to go ahead with it. Here are a few advantages of rehiring former employees in the organization: 

  • Faster onboarding: 

These employees are familiar with the company’s processes and procedures. Hence, they won’t be needing much training, unlike others. Also, they would be needing less ramp time and minimal required documents (Since it’s already on the file!). 

  • Bring valuable experience: 

The best part of rehiring former employees are the experience and skill set they will be bringing to the company. They would have gained new perspectives and expertise beneficial for the business. This further results in pushing the company further and driving progress. 

  • Great for employee retention and branding: 

Employees joining back the company act as proof that their company is worth returning to. It also creates confidence in the mind of current employees. This ensures a higher retention rate and further improves employee branding.

  • Well-equipped with the culture: 

The boomerang employees are already aware of the company culture. They are also familiar with the current employees which let them socialize easily. It makes them the right fit for the company and be part of the organization once again. 

However, with the advantages comes limitations as well. They may resist change or current employees may avoid working with them.

Things you need to consider before rehiring boomerang employees

  • Their past performance:

Before bringing them back, review their past performance. Not for the skills or education (They would have developed that in the given time). But to see how their behavior and character were. Also, if they have left on good terms, then it’s fine to rehire them. 

  • Their relationship with current employees: 

No matter how good they are to the company, don’t prioritize them over current employees. Know how it would impact the team’s dynamics and how well they can integrate with new team members. Ensure that you ask your current employees before you make a final decision. 

  • Their alignment with new goals and mission: 

To see if they are a better fit, their goals, and the company’s goals should be aligned with each other. This not only allows them to focus on them but easily contribute ideas and initiatives too. 

  • Their reason for leaving the company in the past: 

It is important to know the reason behind their resignation. Since it tells a lot about them and lets you make the decision whether they can fit the same or a new role. 

  • Their reason behind rejoining the company again: 

The majority of the time it is an element of work culture that brings your past employees back. But, let’s not assume it! Ask them what convinced them to return. It will help you understand what you are doing right and continue doing it in the future too. 

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