6 slack apps to boost team productivity

The past few years have seen a rise in remote-work-based software. Due to the fact that they are user-friendly and save time. One of the effective software is Slack, known best for its chatting environment.  It helps in boosting productivity and fosters strong bonds with teammates. Its custom channels and threads make the working process smoother and more convenient.

But that’s not all. Slack has a wide range of app integrations that can automate daily work processes and communication. As a result, becoming a one-stop platform for all business needs. 

Below are the six applications that can integrate well with Slack. Have a look:

  • Zoom: A meeting management tool that has become essential to most remote workplaces. 

What it does: Zoom is a popular slack app that allows the members to have an audio-video call, instant screen sharing, and zoom whiteboard within a slack channel. It can either be installed individually or set up for a whole organization, by following a few simple steps. 


    • Schedule meetings beforehand. 
    • Record the webinars and meetings.
    • HD audio and video.


    • Basic: Free
    • Pro: $149 per year per user
    • Business: $190 per year per user 

Link: https://slack.com/apps/A5GE9BMQC-zoom?tab=more_info 

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  • HuddleUp: A human-centered platform that encourages a feedback-driven culture in the workplace. 

What it does: HuddleUp is an AI-based useful slack app that helps in creating organizations’ empathetic and meaningful. It has three modules: 

    • Pulse check-in: HuddleUp chatbots have personalized and intelligent conversations with every employee. In return, it gives valuable and actionable insights into their well-being, team engagement, and feedback. 
    • Watercooler chats: These conversations allow employees to take a break and socialize with each other. 
    • Kudos: Money can’t buy happiness or engagement but kudos surely does. A fun and gamified way to appreciate and recognize each other efforts in the workplace in form of ‘donuts’.


    • Predict attrition rate.
    • Real-time actionable insights.
    • Expert built templates


    • Starter: Free (Up to 10 members)
    • Pro: $4 per active user per month (For more than 10 members)
    • Enterprise: Custom (For more than 100 members)

Link: https://slack.com/apps/A01QET9DFKL-huddleup?tab=more_info 

  • Google sheets for workflow builder: An online spreadsheet software for collaboration across different geographical locations. 

What it does: By connecting the workflow with google sheets, the team can automate routine tasks right in slack. Sending new information to a spreadsheet, pulling data into slack, add or deleting spreadsheet rows are a few things that Google sheets do to help stay focused and save time. 


    • Quick data visualization 
    • Stored in google drive
    • Able to import data from other sheets and website


    • Personal – Free forever
    • Basic – $6 per user per month
    • Business – $12 per user per month 
    • Enterprises – $25 per user per month 

Link: https://slack.com/apps/A01AWGA48G6-google-sheets-for-workflow-builder?tab=more_info 

  • Evernote: An effective note-taking and task management application that can handle notes in almost any format. 

What it does: Evernote is a well-known slack app that lets teams take notes and plan projects. Through this, businesses can clip slack conversations into Evernote and share notes in slack channels. Hence, bringing the content together and keeping the whole team focused and organized. 


    • Easy to use 
    • User-friendly collaboration application
    • Works without internet connection as well 


    • Basic: Free
    • Premium: $7.99 per month 
    • Business: $14.99 per month 

Link: https://slack.com/apps/A571ZRWJ3-evernote?tab=more_info 

  • Clickup: A project management tool that helps in managing documents and creating templates to make the work process easy.

What it does: ClickUp is a cloud-based slack application that can help businesses to manage their tasks, to-dos, projects, and emails through the slack channel. This helps in enhancing workflows and maximizing the team’s productivity. 


    • Unfurl tasks in slack
    • Friendly layout 
    • In-built time tracking feature 


    • Basic: Free
    • Unlimited: $9 per user per month 
    • Business: $19 per user per month 

Link: https://slack.com/apps/A3G4A68V9-clickup?tab=more_info  

  • Clockwise: A super easy time management tool that optimizes team calendars and frees up blocks. 

What it does: Clockwise is an AI-based slack application that aims to drop the bottlenecks in the work processes and create more time in everyone’s day. It automatically syncs your calendar to slack status. Hence, avoids distractions and stay productive and focused during your working hours. 


    • Helps in finding mutually available meeting time-slots
    • Color codes used for meeting
    • Able to add your own personal calendar. 


    • Free version
    • Pro – $5 per month per user 

Link: https://slack.com/apps/A89HZ352N-clockwise?tab=more_info 

In a nutshell

When the apps are integrated with slack, it helps carry out daily communication with ease and perfection. Hence, saving your time and efforts leads to higher productivity and performance.